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The Pigeon Forge Pottery
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Pigeon Forge Pottery Era Comes to a Close

After 53 years, Ruth and Douglas Ferguson decided to retire.

In 1946, Ruth and Douglas came to Pigeon Forge to begin a new
business.  With the assistance of Ruth's Father, Ernest Wilson, a
noted potter from a lineage of English craftsmen,
they started the
Pigeon Forge Pottery in a renovated tobacco barn.  When the
barn burned down and nearly put them out of business, locals
helped rebuild and over time, the pottery grew and became
internationally famous.

During the last half of the 20th century,
the Fergusons made their
mark on the culture of the Great Smokey Mountains by working
with materials from the region, by hiring
local artists, and by
creating designs inspired from the flora and fauna of their beloved

The Fergusons wish to extend their thanks and gratitude to the
thousands of customers who visited the pottery over the years.  In
many instances, generations of families made a point of stopping
at the pottery to see the creation of everything from bears to wind
chimes and to find a special piece to take home.  

May these treasures continue to recall happy times and fond