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The Pigeon Forge Pottery
The Pigeon Forge Pottery
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who started the The Pigeon Forge Pottery?
  • Where was the Pigeon Forge Pottery originally located?
    The Pigeon Forge Pottery was located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
    6 miles north of  Gatlinburg and the Great Smokey Mountains
    National Park.
  • Is the Pottery still in operation?
    The Pigeon Forge Pottery ceased operations in 2000, after Douglas
    Ferguson's passing.
  • Who operates this web site?
    This web site is underwritten by the Ferguson Family in an effort to
    provide accurate information on the history of the pottery and
    Douglas Ferguson.
  • Where can I find more information on The Pigeon Forge Pottery?
    More information is located on this site and in our discussion area.  
    Also be sure to visit our online gallery to see examples of  the Pigeon
    Forge Pottery.
  • Do you Sell Pottery here online?
    While the purpose of this site is to provide educational information
    about Douglas Ferguson and the Pigeon Forge Pottery, inquires will
    be entertained when submitted.
  • Who was A. Huskey?
    A. Huskey was one of the "throwers" employed at the pottery.
  • Who is Jane Ferguson?
    Jane Ferguson, a Daughter of Douglas and Ruth Ferguson, is the
    Director of this web site.